Profiled sheets

Profiled sheets

Sales and installation of profiled sheets

Profiled sheets are used as cassette sections installed on steel constructions for the purpose of installing insulation. They can have a special purpose, as well, since corrugated sheets are used for casting concrete landings and mezzanine- and floor slabs, the process knowns as decking.


Profiled sheets for casting concrete slabs on steel constructions are extremely lightweight, which minimizes the transportation costs, and easy to install, while such design provides maximal adhesiveness to concrete, thus making this solution ideal for this purpose.

The standard profiled sheets are:

Made of top-quality materials
Protected with zinc-substrate protection 275g/m² and additionally 15μ
protection layer in a standard RAL color

TehniCom, LLC guarantees the quality and durability of profiled sheets. We will help you plan, design and assemble, in line with the highest standards.

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