Roof and wall panels

We sell and install roof and wall panels - corrugated sheets, with an option to complete the whole project, from the design stage to assembling.

Industrial standards apply to each roof and wall, roof and wall panels, corrugated sheets and other elements, which are the right solution and ideal for various construction methods, especially one with steel constructions.


The range of products is so wide that we can offer a solution to almost any request you have. Their supreme quality and standardized dimensions enable perfect fitting and combination of sandwich panels, sheets and other elements. The latest 21st-century technology is available to you with just one click. Schedule a free consultation session with us.

The panels, i.e. corrugated sheets are:

Protected with zinc substrate 275g/m²,
Polyester silicone 25μ, 200μ plastisol HP, HP ACCENT, HPS (depending on the model)
Available in all standard RAL colors

Complete the questionnaire and schedule a free consultation session, so that we can design, plan and complete the whole project together to meet your demands.

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