Assembly of sandwich panels and steel constructions on the territory of Serbia with all the necessary mechanisation

TehniCom, LLC offers the assembly of sandwich panels and steel construction with all the necessary mechanisation, as well as with approved and trained staff, who can execute each part of the assembly professionally. Our experience of several decades allows us to guarantee the quality of assembly, as well as adherence to all safety regulations both during assembly and in relation to the constructed facility.


The constructions are made using rolled sections (HEA, HEB, IPE, IPBI), cold bent profile sections HOP (L,U,C,E), as well as box sections and solid steel sections protected with durable industrial paints. Prefabricated steel halls are covered with top-quality sheets or thermal-insulation roof sandwich panels filled with polyurethane (PUR and PIR) or stone wool. The elements of prefabricated halls are joined by welding and using panels, while joining is done exclusively with bolted joints.

Assembling is just part of a larger project, which encompasses planning, design and execution of works, but it is also done as an individual project according to your specifications.

The process of assembling includes:

transport of materials to the location
provision of necessary mechanisation
complete assembly
qualified, professional and experienced staff
guaranteed stability of the assembled facilities

Our long-standing experience in assembling sandwich panels and steel constructions, as well as the quality control system in place, guarantee premium quality of our work. Schedule a free consultation session so that we can start assembling and you can enjoy conducting business in your new facilities as soon as possible.

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