Cold storages

Cold storages

Ensure the necessary thermal insulation, easy maintenance and simple management

The speed and simplicity which with cold storages and other similar facilities are built with steel construction are possible because prefabricated components, protected with industrial paint, are assembled on the spot.

Cold storages

Low maintenance costs, remarkable stability, the safety of the construction and durability of material are just some of the advantages offered by facilities made using steel constructions in comparison to other construction methods. In cooperation with TehniCom, LLC, you too can enjoy all these benefits of the new construction method for cold storages.

When building cold storages, we pay special attention to factors such as thermal insulation, ease of maintenance, simplicity of management and others. Cold storages are built with steel constructions using:

valjanih profila (L,U,I ),
hladno oblikovanih profila HOP (L,U,C,E),
kao i kutijastih i punih profila

The construction is protected with durable industrial paints, the elements of the steel construction are joined by welding and using suitable panels, while assembling is done using only bolted joints. The cold storages are roofed with top-quality roof sandwich panels and sheathed with top-quality thermal-insulation wall sandwich panels (optionally fire-resistant).

Our long-standing experience in construction of cold storages, as well as the quality control system in place, will ensure that you get premium quality. Schedule a free consultation session so that we can start designing and building a cold storage which meets your requirements and needs.

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