Farms and dairy factories

Farms and dairy factories

Solutions for all types of agricultural facilities, including elements for sheathing, roofing and assembly equipment

Prefabricated Farms

Ensure the functionality of your agricultural facilities, as the vital condition for achieving the planned production. The application of steel constructions for building farms, dairy factories, milking centres and silos will allow you to achieve those results. TehniCom, LLC can offer an efficient and high-quality system of construction at relatively low prices. Our long-standing experience and cooperation with foreign experts guarantee the desired outcome:

speed and price of construction
lower maintenance costs
thermal-insulation properties of the facility
desired functionality

The use of our components guarantees a lower price, as well as a fast and simple realization. The assembly of components for agricultural facilities is done on the spot, while the steel constructions allow for additional expansion, upgrade and provide an option to meet the specific request of our clients.

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The construction of facilities for farms, dairy factories, milking centres and similar agricultural facilities is just one part of the job. We can also offer you additional equipment for husbandry, such as boxes, flooring, cleaners, ventilation systems, troughs, automated systems of curtains for closing stable units and many other items. These products are among the most quality ones in Europe and they are made according to the highest European standards.


Results speak for themselves

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In order to show you that we are the best choice you can make, we present you one of our successfully completed projects. The “NAPREDAK” facility in Stara Pazova comprises a farm, a corridor for cows, a milking centre, a dairy factory and other additional facilities, which makes it the most modern farm in the Balkans. The following video shows how the whole project was executed.