A lower price of construction, the simplicity and speed of building kilns and similar facilities with steel constructions

TehniCom, LLC can help you enjoy the benefits and savings by using steel constructions for building kilns.


This is made possible by using prefabricated components, protected with industrial paints and assembled on the spot.

Among many advantages of using steel construction for kilns, we would like to mention the following:

low maintenance costs
remarkable stability
safety of the steel construction
durability of material

Kilns are built in the form of steel construction with rolled sections (L,U,I ), cold bent profiles HOP (L,U,C,E), as well as box sections and solid steel sections, protected with durable industrial paints. The elements are joined by welding and using suitable panels, while assembling is done using only bolted joints. The kilns are covered with top-quality roof panels - corrugated sheets or sandwich panels and sheathed with top-quality panels, which can also be fire-resistant.

This type of construction process guarantees the durability of the facility, easy maintenance and safety, esthetics, as well adherence to agreed deadlines. The kilns and similar facilities made using steel constructions can be extended and expanded, while specific requests of clients are met with relative ease.

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