Choose a quick and permanent solution for expanding your storage space, by installing various types of supports and service platforms

platforma izgradnja

Steel platforms are made of prefabricated elements, which enables quick assembly, high quality and safety of the construction, as well as cost optimization. This type of construction allows creating various solutions, reconstruction and expansion of existing capacities without major works and changes in the existing environment.

It is used for creating:

pipeline trusses
service platforms
elevated pathways and bridges
all types of staircases

The platforms can be used in all types of industrial facilities and according to the needs of your business. TehniCom, LLC is here to take all the necessary steps - from designing unique or standard solutions, manufacturing and transport to the final solution, i.e. assembly of the platforms.

Regardless of whether you are only starting with construction works or looking for a suitable solution within existing facilities, TehniCom, LLC can create a design and perform the works according to your needs. It is enough to complete the questionnaire and schedule a free consultation session and we will be able to build steel platforms for you.

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