Prefabricated containers

Prefabricated containers

Multifunctional and economical prefabricated containers for various purposes

Prefabricated containers

Prefabricated containers to be used as offices, warehouses or as multipurpose facilities are designed according to standard dimensions or your specific needs and intended purpose. The containers are designed with a modular system of joints, which allows creating larger spaces, both horizontally and vertically, while each individual container can also be additionally extended or reduced in size.

Each prefabricated container can be equipped with the following, according to your needs:

heating and cooling equipment
sanitary block
kitchen elements
office furniture

Depending on the purpose, you can choose the number of windows and glass surfaces, additional floor reinforcement for warehouses, creating an open concept within several joined units.

The options for creating tailor-made solutions are almost limitless, which is why we recommend you consult us in order to find the best solution for your business. The first consultation session, which is free of chage, will help us create a design, define a time-frame and agree on production and assembling. All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire and schedule a free consultation session.

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