Creating documents for the construction of new facilities, as well as for the reconstruction and remodelling of existing residential, business and industrial facilities

TehniCom, LLC offers the services related to design and creation of complete project and technical documentation, obtaining a construction permit, 3D visualization of architectural facilities, professional consultation, as well as static calculations and detail drawings of the construction.


All projects are done in line with the current regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia and they are all covered with a valid licence. Our design studio has a lot of experience in the field of design, especially when it comes to the systems of assembling prefabricated steel sections, which means you can complete your project in a very short time.

The design and documentation will be completed:

In a quality manner
In accordance with your needs
On time and within the planned time frame

Based on our experience of several decades, a large number of successfully completed projects and implemented ISO standards for quality control, we can guarantee that your designs will be done professionally and in accordance to the needs of your business.

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